VFC 20:1 28 TPA DSG

Gloucestershire, GB £ 400.00

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Evening Ladies And Gentlemen, please allow me a minute of your time to tell you exactly why you should buy my here VFC Avalon DSG It's fucking sick. Thank you for your attention. Stats for nerds; Base is a VFC Avalon with a monolythic upper and handguard which honestly is pretty sick Gearbox wise it's the original VFC gearbox which has been radiused since the last one died and the front end cracked. Mosfet - Jefftron Leviathan MS Version Gear Set up - 18:1 SHS / RA Spur and DSG & 9 Tooth ZCI Bevel Piston - SHS Ultra Lightweight piston shortstroked to 8 teeth Cylinder - CM16 Cylinder Piston Head And Cylinder Head - Rocket Airsoft Red CNC Nozzle - Maxx 21.50mm shaved so it feeds reliably Tappet Plate - G&G Tappet with the arm shaved and face sanded ARL - Stock VFC Trigger - Jefftron Red Adjustable Hop up set up currently is a ZCI plastic hop with an unknown black inner barrel and a prommy purple bucking and nub gun is currently doing 385 fps on a 0.2 but this will be bought down to sub 350 tommorrow as currently am fucking tired and not staying up until 1 am clipping coils from springs. In Conclusion Hair under 350 fps (Tommorrow) Around 24 RPS Auto current is 20 amps, runs cool as fuck Right side fire selector removed, you left handed freaks. Body kinda scratched To be ran on an 11.1v 30c and nothing less, comes with what you see on the gun and no batteries. Wanting £400 shipped or mtw recievers and cash my way or a pdrc and probably cash my way

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